Who can apply?

Those trained as a medical doctor and who have completed their undergraduate training. The candidate can be a graduate student of any kind. In general, the candidate should be a resident or intern in medicine or surgery, for example.


Oncologists Radiologists
Surgeons Pediatricians


Candidates must have at least expressed a strong interest in the pancreas (eg undergraduate studies, master thesis/diploma). 

Further information on acceptance requirements can be found in the Information for Applicants

Next Course

Course 10 is scheduled to start at the end of August 2022, and there are still vacancies. We are currently asking for applications, and the deadline to apply is Sunday, May 8th. Please refer to the Information for Applicants above for further information, or contact one of the course mentors. 

We are also happy to answer any questions about the program at any time. Please direct all queries to

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