The EPC is continually working to develop and offer educational materials and trainings to its members and the medical community as a whole. Below you will find a list of recent offerings and events


  1. UEG Masterclass on Chronic Pancreatitis
  2. UEG Educational Resources in Pancreatology

UEG Masterclass on Chronic Pancreatitis

This intensive training programme is highly interactive for both faculty and participants, maximising learning outcomes and expanding participants’ knowledge using the latest training standards.

With our perfect blend of online and on-site (face-to-face) education, clinicians currently specialising in the field will be given an ultra-modern learning, networking and developing experience featuring top faculty in the field of chronic pancreatitis. 

Online phase: November 2023

Face-to-face course: December 1-2, 2023

Application are being accepted until June 16, 2023 and are available for all myUEG Associates. Further information is available on the UEG website.

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UEG Educational Resources in Pancreatology

The UEG offers several online courses and events in Pancreatology


Chronic Pancreatitis - Topics: Pancreas, Surgery 

Acute Pancreatitis - Topic: Pancreas

Autoimmune Pancreatitis - Topic: Pancreas

You will find a full overview of UEG resouces in pancreatology here

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