European Cancer Organisation

The EPC is a member of the European Cancer Organisation


The EPC became a member of the European Cancer Organisation (ECO) in November 2021.

ECO Mission

The mission of the ECO is to reduce the burden of cancer, improve outcomes and the quality of care for cancer patients, through multidisciplinarity and multiprofessionalism.

In addition, as the main representative of the not-for-profit federation of member organisations working in cancer at a European level, the ECO brings together oncology professionals and patients to agree on policy, advocate for positive change, and be the united voice of the European cancer community.

You can learn more about the ECO at their website.

Getting Involved

The current EPC representative is Professor Patrick Michl, who participated in the 2021 European Cancer Summit and the 365° Pancreatic Cancer Round Table. In addition, Patrick is also involved in the Focused Topic Network "Treatment Optimisation". 

The EPC would like to see its members get involved in other Focused Topic Networks, and encourages members to participate. You will find a full list of the Focused Topic Networks here