EPC Lifetime Achievement Award Winners

View the recipients of the EPC Lifetime Achievement Award!

About the Lifetime Achievement Award

Each year, the EPC selects one or two European pancreatologists who have consistently contributed to the further development of the field of pancreatology in an outstanding way, both in regard to scientific knowledge but also in regard to improving the lives of patients suffering from pancreatic diseases. 

These individuals are recognized by the pancreatic community as having also had a significant impact on the European Pancreatic Club and the pancreatic community. Only individuals who are EPC members can be nominated to receive this award, and they must have had a career in pancreatology spanning at least 30 years. 

Nomination process 

The EPC Secretary will accept nominations by May 1st of each year. The EPC Council votes and awards the final recipient. The Lifetime Achievement Award is normally announced at the Gala Dinner at the annual EPC meeting.


Meeting and Year Name Affiliation
Alpbach, Austria 2023 (live) Matthias Löhr Stockholm, Sweden
Kyiv, Ukraine 2022 (virtual) Petr Dité Brno, Czech Republic
Kyiv, Ukraine 2022 (virtual) Natalya Gubergrits Kyiv, Ukraine
Verona, Italy 2021 (virtual) Claudio Bassi Verona, Italy
Paris, France 2020 (virtual) Massimo Falconi Milano, Italy
Bergen, Norway 2019 Rolf Graf Zürich, Switzerland
Berlin, Germany 2018 Philippe Levy Clichy, France
Budapest, Hungary 2017 Joachim Mössner Leipzig, Germany
Budapest, Hungary 2017 Christoph Beglinger Basel, Switzerland
Liverpool, UK 2016 Markus Büchler Heidelberg, Germany
Liverpool, UK 2016 Markus Lerch Greifswald, Germany
Zürich, Switzerland 2013 John Neoptolomos Liverpool, UK
Zürich, Switzerland 2013 Günter Klöppel Kiel/München, Germany
Stockholm, Sweden 2010 Ole Petersen Liverpool, UK
Lodz, Poland 2008 Clement Imrie Glasgow, Scotland
Lodz, Poland 2008 Paul G. Lankisch Lüneburg, Germany
Toulouse, France 2001 Hans Beger Ulm, Germany
Toulouse, France 2001 Rudolf Ammann Zürich, Switzerland