Benefits of EPC Membership

Membership Benefits 

Becoming a member of the EPC has several benefits, including: 

  • Access to the Membership Area and resources
  • Voting rights at General Assembly meetings
  • Annual Meeting registration fee discount
  • Full access to the journal Pancreatology
  • Access to EPC webinars and other educational events
  • Opportunity to apply for EPC leadership positions 
  • Membership in YOUPPIE (if under 45 years of age)

Membership Fees

Membership fees are paid on an annual basis (January to December of any given calendar year), as laid out in the EPC statutes. 

All EPC members are automatically a member of the International Association of Pancreatology (IAP). 

Please note that double and triple memberships are currently not possible. We hope to reinstate these in 2021. 

Fee Overview 2021 

Full Membership (One Year) - 120€

Eastern Europe/Rest of World (One Year) - 60€

Under 35 / Trainee / Fellow / PhD (One Year) - 60€

Allied Health / Patient / Nurse (One Year) - 60€

Emeritus Membership (One Year) - 25€

You can join the EPC by following this link