EPC 2025 planning is underway

9th Feb 2024

Although it is well over a year away, we are already very excited about our annual EPC meeting in July 2025, which will be held in Düsseldorf, Germany. Plans are already underway to make this one of the best annual EPC meetings ever.

We believe the northwestern German city of Düsseldorf is the perfect backdrop for this meeting with its international flair, lively cultural scene, and amazing hospitality. 

Our colleague Irene Esposito, EPC President 2025, has already begun to plan an excellent scientific program and looks forward to collaborating with the Korean Pancreatobiliary Association for this event. 

Please save the date and be sure to touch base with Irene at this year's EPC meeting in Santiago and give her your support and encouragement. 

And stay tuned for more news to come!


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