New Guidelines to Assess Pain in Chronic Pancreatitis in the Works

19th Apr 2021

International Guideline Project to Assess Pain in Patients with Chronic Pancreatitis Now Underway

Professor Asbjørn Mohr Drewes has initiated an international guideline project with the objective of assessing pain in patients with chronic pancreatitis (CP). As he points out, the assessment of pain has been a significant feature of guidelines relating to the management of chronic pancreatitis. It was briefly mentioned in a previous European guideline and an international guideline. An international guideline for pain management of CP described current instruments to assess pain, however, a set of guidelines that is fully dedicated to this important topic have not yet been published. Consequently, the lack of a standardized and validated pain assessment instrument for CP is a significant unmet need and negatively impacts both clinical management and research design. 

The new guideline is currently being drafted and will use state-of-the art methods. Overall, the study aims to 

  1. To review the generic pain assessment instruments and how they relate to pain associated with chronic pancreatitis (PACP). 
  2. To outline how PACP can be modified by confounding factors and pain types including a) the effect of placebo and nocebo on pain assessment, b) side effects of interventions, and c) what specific factors should be considered in the settings of acute pain, pain in children and different CP phenotypes. 
  3. To review the value of quantitative sensory testing and pain associated covariates in assessment of PACP 
  4. To review pain assessment questionnaires in relation to PACP and how these can be applied to clinical practice and research.

This guideline has been endorsed by the EPC.

For further information, please contact Asbjørn directly at

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