Hirshberg Foundation funding opportunity in pancreatic cancer

25th May 2023

Dear EPC member, 

We are pleased to inform you about a funding opportunity in pancreatic cancer. 

The Hirshberg Foundation has recently announced its 2023 Seed Grant Program to promote research in pancreatic cancer. The Foundation Seed Grant program has been extremely successful in providing research support to basic and clinical scientists and investigators in the United States and overseas.

The Seed Grant program funds research in the following areas: treatment/therapy, patient care, early diagnosis, detection, cancer biology, basic science, prevention/metabolism, and research core facilities. 

These grants provide $75,000 for one year to US and international applicants. New this year is the collaborative grant, which provides $100,000 for one year. 

Submission deadline for applications is August 15th, 2023.

For further details see attached pdf file or go to the website: https://pancreatic.org/research/seed-grant-program/

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