1st EPC webinar a success!

19th Apr 2021

The 1st EPC webinar, held on March 25th, 2021, was a huge success with well over 50 attendees.

The topic was: "What You Need To Know About Genetics in Pancreatic Diseases: Basic Science and Clinical Implications".

The webinar was moderated by Federico Canzian and Jonas Rosendahl and featured three guest speakers: 

Talk 1: Genetics of Pancreatitis – Relevance in the Clinical Setting? (Heiko Witt - Munich, Germany) 

Talk 2: Mouse Models in Pancreatitis – Do We Have Enough of Them? (Miklos Sahin-Toth - Los Angeles, CA, USA) 

Talk 3: Genetics in Pancreatic Cancer – How Did Genetic Studies Change Our Understanding of the Disease? (Alison Klein - Baltimore, MD, USA)

You will find all videos in the EPC member space ("My EPC") where you can watch them on demand at any time. 

At least two additional webinars are planned for the remainder of this year. Keep an eye out for further news and updates. 

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