Physical Activity and Pancreatic Cancer - PCE Online Event

21st to 22nd Nov 2023

About this event

The event aims to highlight the significant role of physical activity for individuals affected by pancreatic cancer. Attendees will gain valuable insights into the benefits of incorporating exercise during treatment and post-treatment phases. The event will cover topics such as symptom reduction, improved quality of life, and recent research showcasing the potential of aerobic exercise in reprogramming the immune system to reduce pancreatic tumour growth and enhance the effects of immunotherapy.

The event will emphasise the positive impact of physical activity during the treatment phase and in the post-treatment period.

Through informative presentations and discussions, attendees will learn how physical activity can help reduce disease or treatment-related symptoms, such as fatigue, anxiety/depression, and pain. The event will also highlight the improvements physical activity can bring regarding the overall quality of life, including cognitive functioning, social interactions, appetite loss, emotional well-being, sleep quality, constipation, and pain management.

Furthermore, the online event will address recent groundbreaking research published in Cancer Cell on June 2, 2022. This study uncovered the potential of aerobic exercise in reprogramming the immune system, resulting in reduced pancreatic tumour growth and amplification of the effects of immunotherapy.

Mark your calendar and join us for this enlightening and impactful online event, “Physical Activity and Pancreatic Cancer,” on Tuesday, November 21 2023, 15:30-17:00 CET. Together, we can make a difference in the lives of those affected by pancreatic cancer through the power of physical activity.

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