EPC Webinar on Genetics in Pancreatic Diseases

25th Mar 2021

Join us on March 25th at 5:00 pm, for an EPC webinar entitled: 

"What You Need To Know About Genetics in Pancreatic Diseases:

Basic Science and Clinical Implications" 

Moderated by Federico Canzian and Jonas Rosendahl 

Talk 1: Genetics of Pancreatitis – Relevance in the Clinical Setting? (Heiko Witt - Munich, Germany) 

Talk 2: Mouse Models in Pancreatitis – Do We Have Enough of Them? (Miklos Sahin-Toth - Los Angeles, CA, USA) 

Talk 3: Genetics in Pancreatic Cancer – How Did Genetic Studies Change Our Understanding of the Disease? (Alison Klein - Baltimore, MD, USA)


LINK to webinar details and registration information


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