Ongoing Clinical Trials

Below you will find information about ongoing clinical trials being conducted by EPC members


  1. PMAPS - Pancreatitis – Microbiome As Predictor of Severity

PMAPS - Pancreatitis – Microbiome As Predictor of Severity

A prospective multicentre translational study

This trial is registered on NCT04777812

PI: Albrecht Neesse, MD, PhD

Gastroenterology, Gastrointestinal Oncology and Endocrinology

University Medical Centre Göttingen, Germany

Study details 

Hypothesis: The orointestinal microbiome may be utilized as early biomarkers for the severity and course of AP


  • Inclusion criteria: Patients with acute pancreatitis, hospital stay < 72h
  • Exclusion criteria: Pregnancy, age <18 years
  • Primary endpoint: Association of revised Atlanta classification with microbiome patterns
  • Secondary endpoints: Length of hospital stay, mortality, number of interventions

Clinical samples:

  • Microbiome of buccal and rectal swabs (non-invasive)
  • Clinical data will be collected with a standardized online questionnaire
  • Swab tubes will be provided, shipment costs will be paid
  • Translated study protocol, patient consent forms and ethical approvals for EU-Hospitals available

Sequencing platform in Göttingen, Germany:

  • DNA extraction with established protocols conform with International Human Microbiome Standards (IHMS)
  • Metagenomic analysis with Oxford Nanopore Technology (ONT)
  • Established Bioinformatics Pipeline

Kindly note that this trial has reached the required number of participating centers.

For general questions, please contact:

Principal investigator: Prof. Albrecht Neesse

Study coordinator: Dr. Christoph Ammer-Herrmenau


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